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Writing a Good Cover Letter Tips and Advice

The competitiveness of the job market combined with the high expectations of employers makes it crucial to have a cover letter. Just about every job ad you see requires a resume. While most don’t specifically mention a cover letter, they highly recommend it. Those who send a cover letter with their resume are most likely to get a second glance.

Tailor Your Cover Letter It’s true, each and every time you apply for a new position, you might just have to re-create your cover letter so that it fits what the employer is looking for. Assuming that you have all the necessary skills, let them know each one of them. Also, make sure that you address the person you are writing. Doing so may require a bit of research on your part, but it’s not at all difficult if you really want the position. Simply find out the name of the individual who will be reviewing the resumes and cover letters, and address them as Mr., Mrs., Miss, etc.

Use Bold Font This doesn’t mean you use bold font for the entire letter that would just be unprofessional. However, you should use bold font for the skills that match the job stated requirements. For example, if a job ad states they require someone who possesses the ability to type 75 wpm, has knowledge of excel, and five years previous experience along with a bachelors degree, then make sure you type those requirements in bold on the front of your letter as to capture the employer’s attention.

Speak Naturally Whatever you do, do not copy another individual’s resume (be it an example out of a cover letter book or an actual person) word for word. Your cover letter should sound like you wrote it. If you need some help with making the contents of your letter flow, there is nothing wrong with that. Rent a book from the library on style and punctuation, read some examples, and get some advice from a friend or use one of my favorite ways of writing a good cover letter. You should also get a couple of opinions on how it sounds when read out loud. If it sounds too fake and manufactured lacking in liveliness and spunk, then it may require a few adjustments. Remember, a cover letter is well worth your time.

Show Your Interest in the Company You can do this by stating at least one or two researched facts. The facts stated must be legitimate. Also, do not go overboard by inserting too much information. Remember, the key is to sound natural.

Make Your Letter Interesting and To-the-Point – When writing a cover letter it doesn’t need to be an entire two to three pages long. A few paragraphs loaded with details and substance about your job skills, genuine interest, and how you can benefit the company is all that’s required. Cover letters that are too long are likely to waste time and end up getting tossed out.

How to make sure you always write a good cover letter

What you need to do is find helpful software that can guide you through writing the cover letter every step of the way, giving examples and easy to follow guidelines to what kind of a cover letter a potential employer is looking for, and what secrets there are so you are the one who is interviewed each and every time.